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Okay, what's this about?

Well, this is my Page, crappy as it is. =) The basic idea was to setup a small mini website to allow anyone that wished to contact me, or wished to find some of the programs I've recommended.

Okay, many links available from here...hopefully at least some of them will still be valid.




And lastly, here's a link to a program I slapped together myself from all the niggly's called

and is a pre-configured, as freeware as possible Bulletin Board System geared towards the new sysop who is just having problems getting things started.

There are two sites that have this up right now, mine and Jeff&Nan's site...they have very nicely kept KwikBBS.Rar up there for this long, and one of these days, (soon as I get my machine back from Kamloops), I'll be updating the archive with configs for Binkleyterm 2.60, replacing the BBS (and providing configs for that, plus provide an upgrade path from Super to a JAM-compatible freeware BBS, which I've found already), and adding a lot of other nice little touches to the system. Stay tuned!

Site #1:

Site #2:

And last but not's a link to some of my own favourite files for BBSing...

BBS Files

That's about it...

email me (remove DONTSPAM from's there as a hint)

And as well, here's my ICQ link info...

(and if you're really curious, here's what I look like.. =)

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