Okay, what's this about?

Well, this is my Page, crappy as it is. =) The basic idea was to setup a small mini website to allow anyone that wished to contact me, or wished to find some of the programs I've recommended.

Okay, many links available from here...hopefully at least some of them will still be valid.




Version 3 of KwikBBS.Rar (to be called KWIK3BBS.RAR) - Current News - August 01, 1999

I finished the new version of KwikBBS.Rar (called KWIKBBS3.RAR to make it different from the last archive), you'll can now download it here.

KWIKBBS3.RAR now available as of August 02

There are three sites that have this up right now, both mine, and Jeff&Nan's site appears to have dropped their FidoNet section, but they have very nicely kept KwikBBS.Rar up there for this long. Thanks guys!

Site #1 (Nitestok.Freehosting.Net):

Site #2 (This Site):

Site #3 (PCMicro.Com):

This is an archive I slapped together myself from all the niggly bits..it's called

and is a pre-configured, as freeware as possible Bulletin Board System geared towards the new sysop who is just having problems getting things started.

It's newly updated, and I think everything in there is now y2k compatible, or easily updated to be now. Most of the guts have been pulled out of the last version

and replaced in this one. The BBS is new, there is a new mailer setup, lots and lots of changes keeping the look and feel about the same as the last version.

Also new in this version is an upgrade path (hopefully) for old SuperBBS sysops to try, and hopefully adapt, to allow their systems to be migrated to EleBBS.

Version 2 of KwikBBS.Rar - Previous downloadable version as of August 02, 1999


There are two sites for this as well... same ones. =)

Site #1 (Nitestok.Freehosting.Net):

Site #2 (This Site):

This is now mainly up for historical value and to show you the genesis from archive 1 to 3, it'll probably come down Jan 1 when all the y2k bugs show themselves in this package. =)

Version 1 of KwikBBS.Rar

If you're interested in the first version of KwikBBS.Rar, I now have it up here as well for the moment...it's called QUIKBBS.RAR but I'd changed the name for version 2 at the insistance of QuickBBS Technologies.

but grab it here if you want it...

When I finish the migration package from SuperBBS to RA or EleBBS, you'll be able to grab it here if you need it...

It's in it's final stages of preparation as of June 20,1999.

It'll be a pretty rough package, but it should allow you to migrate all basics from the first or second versions of KwikBBS to RA or EleBBS.

I've modified the original migration progress to allow RA 1.11 and RA 2.0x configurations in addition to the original SuperBBS to be saved during the migration process

so that you will have configuration files to try with other BBS package convertors so that you don't *have* to stay with a QBBS-style BBS

if you don't want to...or just want to experiment with how your system would look like under other packages!

And last but not least...here's a link to some of my own favourite files for BBSing...

BBS Files

That's about it...

email me (remove DONTSPAM from address..it's there as a hint)

And as well, here's my ICQ link info...

(and if you're really curious, here's what I look like.. =)

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