There are at least curious people in the world.

Hi everyone... well, this is a little more advanced site than was here before... Dragonwyck Estuaries is a site I did up for myself and my little daughter Tori. Check here later on, and I should have added a few really good links to this site. But that's about it for the moment...

Just a quick list to get started...

FTP Search 4.0
The best darn general file searcher in existence..
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The best darn B5 site around...
Xiaomu Niu's Freeware Winsock Apps
A Fabulous site for apps!
A *great* site for BBS software!
The Anonymizer
Value your privacy? Check this out..

Darren Ryall's Page

email me (remove DONTSPAM from's there as a hint)
Here's the current time for my part of the world, btw

Tori Katherine Gwyneth Morgana Dragonwyck

(Permanent Email address pending... =)
But for now, you can email her at her daddy's email account (she's too young for spam as well)